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Bedwetting Youth Diapers

Diapers for older children experiencing bed-wetting or incontinence are rarely found actually in a store such as Wal-Mart, K-Mart or Target. Diapers for bed-wetting is generally discouraged, and parents should consider using a disposable underpants such as Goodnites or Underjams, or a re-usable bed wetter pant to help keep the child and bed dry at night.

Youth diapers are mainly available online through several different medical supply websites, and can sometimes be found locally in medical supply stores that carry incontinence products. Youth diapers for older children range in style from 2 tabs such as baby diapers, to 4 and 6 tab styles.

Youth diapers such as Attends, Dry Comfort and Tranquility are closely related to their adult diaper counterparts. They feature leg gathers, either a cloth or plastic cover, and oftentimes a wetness indicator on the front of the brief.

Bedwetting diapers are definitely not to be used on sleep-overs where privacy is of prime concern. They are bulky, noisy, and fairly easy to detect when worn under pajamas. Youth diapers are best used only when dealing with extreme youth urinary incontinence, fecal incontinence, or disability.

The use of diapers for bed-wetting is discouraged as it is sometimes seen as being punishment for kids wetting the bed. Many parents will try to shame kids and buy normal baby diapers, or youth diapers, in an attempt to show “stop wetting the bed or you will wear diapers” – this is WRONG. No child wants to wake up in a wet bed, and diapers should never be used as a punishment for wetting the bed.

Are there quality diapers for older children?

Many parents of older children and teens find GoodNites or Underjams not quite sufficient and begin to look for quality diapers for older children.  Unfortunately, many parents looking for disposable products for their older child will not find products specifically suited for these age ranges in the local supermarket or …

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Can You Use Goodnites And A Bed-Wetting Alarm?


One the questions that comes up frequently is whether or not you can use disposable underpants such as Goodnites and a bed-wetting alarm.  The answer is – maybe.  Here’s why. Why not use Goodnites and a bed-wetting alarm Most makers of bedwetting alarms tell parents not to use Pull-Ups, Goodnites …

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Molicare Diapers

Molicare diapers are among the most recognized named for children dealing with severe urinary and fecal incontinence.  Because of their high absorbency for a youth or adult diaper, they are most generally used at home and are considered a diaper rather than a bedwetter pant or other absorbent pants used …

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Bed-wetting at Camp Survival Guide for Scout or Summer Camp

backpack and the tents in the campsite

Kids need not fear bed-wetting at camp.  With some simple tips, your child can have a great time at Boy Scout or summer camp even if they wet the bed. Bed-wetting doesn’t have to keep your child from attending a sleepover summer camp. By following some of the same procedures …

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Dry Comfort Extra Youth Diapers

Dry Comfort Extra is one brand of youth diapers available through mass-market and online retailers.  It is plastic-backed and one of the more economical or cheapest youth diapers available. Disposable diapers for bed-wetting should be the last effort to handle severe bed-wetting and daytime childhood incontinence. For an older child, …

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Benetton Size 6 Diapers Fit Older Kids

Disposable diapers for bed-wetting should be the last effort to handle severe bed-wetting and daytime childhood incontinence. For an older child, being put back into diapers is an extremely emotional event and should be handled with care. Youth diapers and diapers for older children should never be used as punishment …

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Most Popular Bedwetting Diapers

Manufacturers have started calling the most absorbent products “disposable briefs” or “fitted briefs” but there is no denying what they are – disposable diapers. Youth diapers and briefs should be used only for severe or complete incontinence, and never to embarrass or otherwise shame a child who wets the bed. …

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